Thursday, June 16, 2011


In the last 10 years I'm working as a graphic designer.
I did my degree in graphics with specialization in print graphics, so I had to learn to run huge printing machines - It was so much fun! But mostly it was important and challenging!

I'm a bit hyperactive... so as a graphic designer I'm working half-time, and in the rest of the time I work in other design fields that derive a lot of energy from me!

I have been an event designer, interior designer and in the last two years I was a shop windows designer.

In short - I have to go through all kinds of design fields simultaneously!
My workspace

The top was bought in a flea market. Originally, it was orange ... I added handles from Ikea and sewed curtains.
The lower part from Ikea - kitchen units. within them are hidden printer and sewing machines. Above all, we installed a large wooden work surface


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